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About Sewer Cable Equipment Company

Sewer Cable Equipment Company manufactures, distributes and provides outside sales of sewer and drain cleaning equipment. Our customers are assured of high quality, affordable American -Made products, superior customer service, and information on products available on and off the market.

Sewer Cable Equipment Company Vision

1959 marked the year of extraordinary technological breakthroughs for the United States of America. If you remember, it was the summer of this year that President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent a message via satellite communication, reflecting off the moon, to Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker with one simple wish, for “peace on Earth, and goodwill toward men everywhere.”

My name is Kristi Catterall Allen, president of Sewer Cable Equipment Company, and daughter of founder Don Catterall and co-founder Jack Bollinger. I was only 4 years old in 1959, and recall the excitement surrounding the message President Eisenhower sent to the world, and the technology that makes it possible for us to communicate so efficiently today.

It was this very same year I recall even more excitement in a little garage in the San Fernando Valley (yes, like Bing Crosby song) surrounding the invention of a breakthrough technology in the sewer cable industry – the Burton Powersnake. Some of the largest known companies today – Amazon, Disney, Harley Davidson, Apple – all got started out of their garage, and Don Catterall and Jack Bollinger were no different when they invented the Burton Powersnake. Like these giants in industry, our integrity holds strong as demonstrated in our commitment to longevity and durability, as reflected in our products with only very few changes made over the last 58 years, and is still going strong.

We believe in timeless principles that express stability and strength during times of rapid growth and change. Hence, why Burton Powersnakes and Sewer Cable Equipment Co. have stood the test of time in our industry. Because we are family-owned and operated you are given products and service with a name you can trust and rely on, and you can always count on us for reliability and consistency when you’re out in the field and on a job!

We’ve even designed our website for an easier and more efficient shopping experience, so please take your time browsing and don’t hesitate to call, email and even Facebook us to answer any question you have… except for basket weaving, and cats, and marine biology.

President – Sewer Cable Equipment Co.


P.S. Please enjoy some old pictures, I am in one of them. I was 13 years old. I have been selling power snakes for a long time!