Q: Will Sewer Cable Equipment Co cables work on my Ridgid machine?

A: Yes, we have cables to fit any machine on the market.   We have left wound, right wound and steel inner core cable with most manufacturers male and female couplers.

Q: Why are my cables kinking?

A: Kinking occurs when auger gets stuck or caught in pipe and is not rotating with cable.  This causes torque to build in the cable.  If machine continues to rotate the cable will over torque causing the cable to kink.

Q: Why is my cable breaking?

A: Two reasons cables break.  Number one is bad or inferior wire.   Number two is exposing the cable to drain cleaning acid.  If left on the cable and not cleaned off the acid makes cables brittle and it will break.  Wash your cables off with a garden hose to help correct this from happening.

Q: What is the difference between right wound cable and left wound cable?

A: Right wound cable is more flexible and left wound cable is stiffer when hitting a stoppage.