Cable and Cutters

Burton Offers 3 Styles of Cables – For those demanding stoppage problems.


Drain Cables – Sewer Cable Equipment Co. proudly manufactures high quality drain cables for the Burton Powersnake as well as for a variety of other machine brands and models. Our cables are wound to precise tolerances from premium music wire and are available in a multitude of sizes and lengths. We make Left Wound, Right Wound and Steel Core cables that can be outfitted with most types of cable ends including: Genral (slotted style), Gorlitz, Ridgid and Marco style Snap Lock. Please see our catalog or call our office for additional information and pricing.

Attachments – Sewer Cable Equipment Co. manufactures high quality cutters, augers, retrievers, drop-heads and grease whips to clear any type of drain blockage. Our tooling is made for the Burton Powersnake “SureLock” attachments but can also be compatible with other brands and styles of attachments and tool holders. Please see our catalog or call our office for details and pricing.

Distribution –  In addition to our own line of products, Sewer Cable Equipment Co. offers cables, cutters, tooling and replacement parts for your brand of drain machine. We are an authorized distributor for General, Ridgid, Spartan, Gorlitz, Electric Eel and others. We stock many parts and accessories at our facility or we can order and drop ship products directly from the manufacturer to your location. **Sewer Cable is a Ridgid Authorized Distribution and Repair Center including See Snake Camera repair** You can ship your equipment to us for service and repair!  Call our office for information and pricing @ 800-772-7026. Email to





A right wound cable for flexibility, makes 90-degree bends easily…repairable with our right wound A right wound cable for flexibility, makes 90-degree bends easily…repairable with our right wound SUR-LOK SPLICER.

A left wound cable for more stiffness, coils tighten against each other and make the cable act like a rod…repairable with our left wound SUR-LOK SPLICER.

A 49 strand aircraft wire reinforcing the same high quality music wire used on all series…For those situations calling for the highest demands out of a sewer cable. Rugged yet flexible enough to reach those hard to get stoppages. Repairable with SUR-LOK BRAZED SPLICERS.




Sewer Cable Equipment Company

R= Right Hand Wound
L= Left Hand Wound
S= 49 Strand Aircraft Steel Innercore
RH= Retriever Head
DH= Drophead
DHC= Drophead Cutter




“Sur Lok” Coupler System Cable Repair Instructions

If a kink has badly distorted cable coils, to repair damage, section should be cut out and spliced with an exclusive “Sur Lok” splicer shown in these simplen”Sur Lok” cable repair instructions. “Sur Lok”