Limited Warranty

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Sewer Cable Equipment Company Limited Warranty

All cables manufactured by SEWER CABLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY carry a one year limited warranty against defects. Should any cable break during this period, we ask that you provide proof of purchase and nature of failure. SEWER CABLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY will repair or replace at our option any cables found to be defective. Transportation of the cable is the responsibility of the user.

No adjustment can be made on kinked cables, since a kink is evidence of abuse and results from the use of too much pressure or used in too large a sewer drain line.

No adjustment can be made where there is greater wear at a break noticeable on the balance of the cable.

To submit your claim under the conditions of this warranty, contact SEWER CABLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY by telephone, facsimile, email or U.S. Mail. SEWER CABLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY will advise you if the cable in question should be returned to the factory.